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From pallets suitable for components and metal plates, to machines sitting in shipping crates; we can design our products to suit your unique requirements for shipment and storage, as well as offering a bespoke packing service.

All our manufactured products are ISPM15 compliant, therefore suitable for overseas shipment.

Find out more about our products and services below:


We offer a variety of pallet options.

Custom Made Pallets:

Our bespoke pallets can be made to measure for any component(s), these would be built to different structure specifications, and we can also add additional timber to support the goods, going onto the pallet if this is required. They can be manufactured as fully boarded or slatted tops, and can also have be manufactured 2-way or 4-way entry.

Euro Pallets and Collars


M&S Boxes and packaging Ltd specialise in the packaging of shipping containers. Anything that will fit into a container, we can pack into a container.


We take the utmost care with everything we handle and ensure all our customer's items are 100% secure and safe before we close the container doors.


We can install timber bracing and false floors to use the full internal height of a container. 

Vehicles are secured to the container floor by installing timber chocks around each wheel and fitting tie-downs to the four main points of the chassis.


We can shrink-wrap your items inside the container to prevent any water damage during shipping.


With us, you can choose from a variety of dangerous goods packaging to transport hazardous products, articles, substances and objects safely from A to B.

This is because dangerous goods packaging is exposed to various influences and stresses on its way to its destination. Therefore stability and protection of the cargo are top priority. Packaging fulfils two essential functions: It protects the contents and facilitates handling.

The packaging of dangerous goods such as solid substances as well as liquid substances have very special requirements to prevent the hazardous goods from leaking; thus protecting people, animals and the environment.


Dangerous goods packaging consists of different materials, is rigid or flexible and comes in different sizes. Boxes, bags, big bags, canisters, drums, IBCs, dangerous goods boxes, gas cylinders and more – we take care of the packaging research so that your items are packed safely and in accordance with the regulations.


Our export packing services are tailor-made to provide the right solution for consignments for road, rail, sea or air, worldwide, in conformity with BS1133 and UKWPMP ISPM15 Regulations, to ensure your cargo arrives in perfect condition.

We offer a wide range of cases/ packing options:

  • Re-usable cases (bolted/screwed construction)

  • Packing kits, supplied with timber and fixings (flat packed for your own use)

  • Packing materials: bubble wrap, barrier foil, shrink-wrap polythene, cushion packs. 

  • On-site packing at your works anywhere in the UK or world-wid


Our bespoke wooden packing cases offer full protection for your component, allowing safe transportation and keeping your goods free from damage.

All materials used are compliant with the ISPM15programme. We will always provide an honest recommendation on the size of timber we think is going to be the most suitable, based on the weight and the goods being packed.


Our OSB packing cases and Plywood  packing cases provide a great alternative to solid timber cases, they are generally lighter than softwood cases yet still robust and durable so are ideal for Air freight movements or loads of a lighter weight.

They have fully-enclosed sides, ends and lid to ensure that any items packed in the case will be protected from the elements and are paneled with solid timber belting to provide strength and durability to ensure maximum protection for your goods during transportation.


Our bespoke packing crates are constructed as open board cases. The crates offer a cost effective packaging solution for cargo. These crates require basic handling protection.

Similar to our packing cases, these crates can be assembled using either 19mm or 22mm timber, and are heat treated to comply with ISPM15. Again, we will always recommend the most suitable thickness to use based on the weight/goods that will be placed in the crate - if you're not sure what you require, please get in touch.

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